Living space

When looking at a picture, the human brain is able to infer the depth of the room and the position of the objects in the room.
We help robots do the same!


Industrial Space

All industries strive to produce better, faster, and at lower cost. Competition is fierce and every process improvement counts.
We help manufacturers to increase their productivity


Cyber-security space

Computers, mobile devices, IoT equipment are all operating in the cyberspace. And they all face security threats.
We help our customers to feel safe and protected


Ultrasound, CT, MRI, ECG - images that doctors' eyes are able to read and understand.
Hart beat - sound that doctors' ears are able to listen and understand.
Patient history - data that doctor's mind is able to process and understand.
We build software that helps doctors.

Photonics space

Particles or waves, propagating in free space of confined to a waveguide, the photons obey complex equations.
We help scientists solving those equations.

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Detect your living space

We use Artificial Intelligence and other mathematical algorithms to detect the 3D structure of a room from its 2D image.

Increase productivity

We use Artificial Intelligence to enhance industrial robots to spot defects, to optimize manufacturing processes

Secure your cyberspace

We use Artificial Intelligence to spot malicious files, identify unauthorized entries into your network, computers and connected devices.

Tools for doctors

We use state of the art instance segmentation algorithms to identify various elements in medical images, identify anomalies and process patients data.

Tools for photonics

Complex phonics phenomena can be fast and accurately simulated using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We have extensive experience applications for modelling and simulating light propagation in optical fibers, amplifiers and lasers.

Successful customer projects

“Colaborarea cu Rofinn a fost una din cele mai reusite din ultimii ani pentru noi. Serviciile livrate au fost la un inalt nivel, iar un plus major a fost intelegerea excelenta a business-ului nostru.”

Adrian Dima/Co-founder

KFactory, Bucharest Romania

Inno-Robotics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Jyvaskyla, Finland

ShockLite, Orsay, France

Europe Technologies, Carquefou, France

nLight Oy, Lohja, Finland

Successful EU projects

Virtual Staging

Everything starts when you see that apartment you always dreamt about. It is empty and you start imaging how it will look furnished with different styles and colors…

This should not be an imagination exercise. Our algorithms are able to process the picture of the empty room and offer you the room view with multiple furnishing choices. 

Beta version is available for general public. Click here to start the test at

About Rofinntech 3D

Rofinntech 3D is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and uses artificial intelligence and other mathematical algorithms to build software applications for various domains: robotics, medicine, photonics, etc.

Rofinntech 3D is a member of  Transilvania IT Cluster

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